Consumer Choice Awards Africa (CCAA) originated from Tanzania Consumer Choice Awards (TCCA) which was founded in 2019 under the organization of Lavine International Agency  Limited; is a business awarding event that recognizes, enhances and promotes business excellence through consumers choice, in the United Republic of Tanzania for over two years, now looking to expand its influence to the African continent by bringing all nationalities in one platform through the online voting system which has been made effective by the digital advancement converting the whole world into a small village centralized at the tip of the hands.

To become Africa’s leading business and corporate recognition platform that connects providers of Different goods and services with the direct end users.

System and reward excellence in various sector of economy.

Our Values
To promote fairness and transparency in assuring that no form of biasness is applied as well as maintaining relationship between product and service providers with their consumers by only raising rewarding voices.


Diana Simon Laizer

Chief Executive Officer

Gabriella A. Chamungwana

Marketing Assistant

Albert George Makoye

Operations Director

Phillios G Lemi

Sales & Marketing Executive 

Walter Emmanuel

Creative Director

Jastin Ndossi

Informations & Operations Manager

Board of Advisors

Anthony A Chamungwana

Chairman Board of Advisors
Investment Banker & Financial Consultant

Albert G Msando

Legal Advisor
(Board Member)

Mary S Msuya

Executive Secretary TCRA – Consumer Consultative Coucil

Jerry W Silaa

Board of Advisor Member of Parliament Pan African Parliament 

Monica Joseph

Board of Advisor Managing Director Phillips Tanzania

Innocent P Mungi

Head of Government Communications Unit at Office of the Solicitor General in Tanzania